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Rethinking Streets
Rethinking Streets for Successful Communities

Challenge: Convince leaders across Central Ohio take the time to plan and maximize a large positive community potential masquerading as street repairs.

Approach: Conduct a series of exclusive workshops for community leaders. Show how thoughtfully-designed streets can bring economic health and vitality to neighborhoods. Share insights from five national leaders on how rethinking public spaces has infused new energy into communities. Provide information on changing trends based on rapidly-changing population demographics. Give participants hands-on experience rethinking existing streetscapes.Streets can be arteries flowing long-term economic health and vitality to neighborhoods—but only when they are thoughtfully designed. For context, see:

A Thousand Fibers

A Thousand Fibers:

Binding Together Through Fair Trade

Challenge: Partners for Just Trade needed to bolster purchases of Fair Trade items while increasing market supply of Fair Trade goods and spreading Fair Trade principles.

Approach: Drawing extensively from footage and images previously shot for other uses, build documentary/instructional media segments to support a 6-week Bible study. Artisans in Peru and advocates in the US demonstrate how Fair Trade is a viable, ethical way to do business and how it delivers value to producers, buyers and sellers alike.

Sales Meeting
Sales National Meeting: Porter Freeman

A sales force of 1200 within a Fortune 200 healthcare company was planning for radical change, but plans for engaging personnel lacked definition.

Challenge: Help lead organization through the change and deliver pivotal experiences for each person involved.

Approach: Provided counsel and helped management navigate through unknowns. Managed all strategic and creative aspects of highly-effective 4-day experience and a standing ovation.

Preterm Infant
Survanta and the Preterm Infant

Challenge: Make an innovative and lifesaving new drug available nationally within weeks instead of months, responding to an urgent request from the US FDA.

Approach: Embed crew in hospital to film birth and treatment of premature infants and condense four-month production cycle to under four weeks, creating impactful, immediate video training. The result: Thousands of premature infants' lives were saved.

Columbus School for Girls
Change the World

Challenge: Parents worry about doing what's best for their children. How can they know if they've made the right choices for schooling?

Approach: In documentary-style interviews, four now-adult graduates explain how, decisions made for their education, have proved to be especially wise.


...loves connecting people and ideas.

H. Bruce Wilson B

He enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of people to weave strategy and message into powerful stories for business, health care and education. Formally trained in medical communication and instructional design, Bruce relishes managing projects in fluid and sensitive situations. He is frequently called on for his inventive ideas on challenging or provocative topics.


While he excels in leadership roles, Bruce is an accomplished hands-on creative—a photographer, a documentarian, and an award-winning producer. For over 20 years, he has written, directed, and produced media on a wide range of subjects, taking viewers from neonatal intensive care to the streets of Peru.


■ If you'd like to work together to inform, to inspire and to change lives, Contact Bruce.